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      Who doesn't love things that are FREE!! Personally, I know I can't pass up a good find for a great price. ;) If you are like me and love great products for free you have come to the right place. Be sure to check back regularly for new free products!!

Graduation Certificates:

     It's still the beginning of the year and it's hard to believe that there are a couple of my students who could be dismissed from speech pretty soon if they keep up their hard work. I've always enjoyed making a big deal about my students graduating from speech and acknowledging how hard they have worked and how far they have come. I wanted to have an official certificate that the students could have. I've also thought about making a graduation memory wall to encourage others to work hard and try their best. ;) Here is a little preview of the graduation certificates!

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy
I have also included copies with less coloring to be nicer on your printer if you'd prefer. :) 

I hope you find these as a cute and fun freebie to add to your speech room.

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Speech Therapy

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Homework Social Pragmatics Packet:

     It's here my 10 month September-June Social Pragmatics homework packet. I made this bundle for my children who need to work on their social pragmatic skills. Every week I send home one homework sheet. Each sheet contains 3 different sections including 1 idiom, 1 problem solving, and 1 conversation skill. The conversation skill section begins with initiating in the early months then moves onto maintaining a conversation and finally onto concluding a conversation. Each sheet has a place for the parent/guardian signature at the bottom. I am hoping to increase family involvement and increase generalization of my students skills from not just in the speech therapy room, but to their outside world. I'm hoping that my students will take what they are learning in the small group setting into their lives and across multiple settings!!

Here is a preview!

Social Skills

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Homework Articulation Packet:

     Here is my 10 month September-June articulation homework packet to send home each week. Each week I send home one sheet in their speech therapy folder. Every sheet has 3 words, 3 sentences, and 1 conversation topic. There is a box to mark which level  you want the student to practice at home. If my student is working on two different sounds I will send home a sheet for  each sound and mark which level for each sound. It is simple enough that parents are able to take 2-5 minutes a day and practice either the 3 words, 3 sentences, or 1 conversation topic. There is a spot for the parent to sign that the student practiced each day at home. If the student brings the signed sheet back with them I will give the student a sticker on their sticker chart. There is a complete packet for each of the following sounds /p/, /b/, /f/, /v/, /t/,/d/, /k/, /g/, /r/, /l/, /s/, /z/, /sh/, /ch/, /th/.

Here is a preview!

Articulation Homework

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Homework Language Packet:

     I have created a 10 month September-June language homework packet to send home each week. I created a folder for each student that they bring with them each week to their speech therapy session and then take home with them to complete. Each week I give them a language page from my language homework packet. There are 3 different language activities per week activity. I didn't want to overwhelm the parents so I wanted it to be simple enough that they could do it at home. I added a spot for the parent/guardian to sign each week that the student completed the activity with them. My goal is to improve communication with my parents as well as get the parents involved to help the student generalize these skills into all areas of their life. Not just in the speech therapy room ;).

Here is a preview!

Language Homework

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Problem Solving:

      Here is a problem solving freebie for your students who struggle with solving problems on their own. I created a visual graphic organizer to show all of the steps and the process that people use to help them solve a problem. I made 12 different problem solving scenarios to help one of my students who is struggling with problem solving. The scenarios are general problems that most students will experience at one time or another. I am more or less just trying to teach him the steps to solve a problem so that he can generalize that skill and use when a novel non-scripted problem comes his way and I'm not right there next to him to remind him of the different steps :D. A girl can dream BIG right?! If the scenarios aren't quite what you are looking for you can always individualize the scenarios and create your own and just use the graphic organizer portion. I also made a review form to have my kiddo reflect how it went once he used one of this strategies to solve a real life problem. I often ask the teacher for a problem that happened in the classroom and what the results were of his problem solving. We then use the review form to discuss if he liked the strategy he used and if he would use that particular solution again?? 

Here is a preview!

Problem Solving

Problem Solving

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Communication Breakdown Visual:

    Here is a visual of strategies to use when your student is having communication breakdowns. This product was created when working with my high school life skills students who are not always understood on their first try. I work on teaching them these 6 strategies (speak slowly, open your mouth to over enunciate, pointing, gesturing, write it down, use another word) that they can use when their communication partner does not understand them. It also gives the aides who are working with that student a verbal/visual cue they can use across settings to increase generalization of the skill. When a student uses one of the strategies, but might not be aware I will give verbal praise, such as, "I like how, when I had a confused look on my face, you pointed to the object you were talking about to help me understand what you were saying." For my students who have classes in the general education setting I will send this visual out to their teachers as well. If you have an involved family this would be another great tool to share with them as well.

Here is a preview!

Communication Breakdowns

Volume Meter:

    This product is a great resource for those looking to teach a student who is too quiet to increase their volume level or for students who are too loud to decrease their volume level. I created this product to teach a kiddo who is too quiet to increase her volume level so her teacher can hear her in the classroom. This visual volume meter has helped her understand this abstract concept of volume levels. I began teaching the concept by playing a volume game! We all know how much kids love games. ;) We play by having one person say something using one of the volume levels. Then it is the other persons job to move the volume marker to point at the level the person was using. She has really enjoyed this game! I mean it's not everyday your speech therapist will let you yell in the therapy classroom. :) I am also using the visual prompts on the volume meter as my verbal prompts. I have encouraged the classroom teacher and her parents to use the same prompts allowing her prompts to be consistent across all environments between me, her classroom teachers, and her parents. We have all seen an improvement, which is always exciting!!

Here is a preview!

Volume Meter

If you want to have a copy of this free volume meter you can download if for free here!!