Sunday, November 8, 2015

How to Provide Articulation Therapy Daily

      Do you work in the elementary setting? If so, I'm going to guess that the majority of your caseload is Articulation therapy! The thing I hate most is sending my 5th graders off to Middle School as an incoming 6th grader with articulation goals. My personal goal is to graduate as many articulation kiddos as I can before they move onto middle school. 

   I started researching different articulation therapy models to best support articulation therapy. One model that I found interesting was the idea of conducting a daily 5 minute articulation therapy session with as many exposures as possible instead of a 30 minute session once a week. I loved the idea of the students working and thinking about their sounds every day instead of only once a week. I also loved the idea of only 5 minutes, because it was much easier to keep their attention for only 5 minutes. The other thing I liked was that we didn't have to waste time walking down to the speech room instead we simply did the 5 minute therapy in the hallway outside of their classroom.

   Know that I had this idea that I wanted to implement I needed a way to get organized. I mean who doesn't love organization?! I started to create a one worksheet a daily activity that would have the same structure every day so the student would know exactly what to do.


-Color It & Say It: First, the student says the word and then colors the letters based on the numbers.
-Trace It & Say It: Second, the students traces the 5 words and says the 5 words.
-Circle It & Say It: Third, the student circles the 3 words and says the 3 words.
-Highlight It & Say It: Fourth, the student highlights the 3 words and says the 3 words.
-Write It & Say It: Fifth, the student fills in the blank and then says the sentences.
-Build It & Say It: Sixth, the student creates their own sentence or sentences using the word and any of the helper vocabulary words to write their sentence.
-Draw It & Say It: Seventh, the student draws a picture of the word.

Once the student has completed the above activities at the minimum they will have said their sound at the word level 16 times. 

   The best part about how these are created is that the students learn the structure so time isn't wasted. The activities are short and sweet so they keep their attention. I am currently also teaching the Teacher or Teacher Aids how to complete the 5 minute therapy session so that way more people are trained and it doesn't haven't to be the therapist 5 times a day.

   In addition, there is a daily homework page. The student creates a story using the word of the day and is provide with the vocabulary helper to help give them ideas or to help with spelling. This is also a great way to get the parents involved and to have addition practice to say their sound!

Articulation Homework

   The number one sound that most children struggle with is the /r/ sound so I am currently creating a daily 5 minute articulation therapy plan for the /r/ sound for each month. Each month contains 10 initial, 10 medial, & 10 final. I know their are not 30 school days in each month, but I wanted a variety just in case I had a kiddo who only really needed the final /r/ sound then I could include more of the final /r/ instead of the initial /r/. Be sure to mix and match the month for however you like.

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