Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Valentine's Day Language & Articulation Bundle

Valentines Day Language & Articulation Bundle

Speech Therapy Valentine's DayIt’s nearly here – the most loving day of the year; a time for cupid’s arrows, poems, and fun paper Valentines among classmates. Call back to a simpler time of cut-out Valentines with these cut-out exercises for articulation & language.

Included in this bundle:
·      Irregular & Regular Past Tense Verbs (10 questions each)
·      Irregular & Regular Plurals (10 questions each)
·      Compare & Contrast (6 “go fish” picture pairs)
·      Describing/Attributes
·      Coloring Page for L Sounds
·      Matching Game For Articulation R, L, S Sounds (18 matching word cards)

Verbs can be tricky, but children can be easily taught through tactile methods like the ones found in my Valentine's Interactive Language & Articulation Bundle. In this bundle, students learn all-over language skills as well as the importance of articulation while getting into the spirit of February 14th.

Speech Therapy Valentine's Day

Irregular & Regular Past Tense Verbs

Surrounded with hearts, this section teaches proper irregular and regular verb tense while describing Valentines Day activities and scenarios for students. Simply cut out the correct verb hearts and have students place them in the right place to correct the sentence and show how verbs can be conjugated to show activities taking place at a different time.

Speech Therapy Valentine's Day

Articulation Coloring Page for L Sound

Who doesn’t love coloring? Even adults are on the bandwagon these days! Give classic fun a romantic twist while learning to articulate the L sound in things like Mailbox, Envelope, Lips, and the big one – Love!

Articulation Matching Game For R, L, & S Sounds

Practice articulation with lovey words like Rose, Love, and Sweetheart to bring the joy of Valentines Day into routine exercises. Every time your student matches up two words, he or she says them aloud to encourage articulation of R, L, and S sounds.

Check out all the activities in our Valentines Day Bundle at the TPT Speech Therapy Store! And have a Happy Valentines Day!