Wednesday, March 30, 2016

How to Provide Speech Therapy Homework Over the Summer

Speech Therapy Summer    Can you believe we've almost made it through another school year? Okay, so I know it's only April and we still have two and a half months left, but I can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. As we all know with the end of the school year comes the end of the speech therapy practice. In the past I have gone through my kiddos on my caseload and printed out things that they could work on over the summer. This took me FOREVER to do. Also, it never looked professional since all of the materials were put together from multiple resources. In addition, there was no schedule to follow and probably looked a little to overwhelming at the start of the summer and never made it past the "catch all" drawer in the kitchen. :) 

    I have created a solution to save me and hopefully YOU a ton of time, that looks professional, includes a schedule, is simple and easy to implement, and can be specialized for each individual student's needs.

Speech Therapy Summer

    The bundle includes an Articulation section, Language section, and Social Pragmatics section. Easily mix and match pages to make your students summer packet individualized for them.

Speech Therapy Summer

    The Articulation section includes the following sounds /P, B, T, D, F, V, K, G, R, L, S, Z, SH, CH, TH/. Each sound includes initial, medial, and final words. Students are given a calendar with a daily task to work on their sound along with a sticker chart to reward them once they have accomplished the days task. The calendar keeps the students on track and isn't overwhelming for the parents to implement. Does your student need to work on more than one sound? Simply send home multiple articulation calendars.

Example Initial P:
1. Go on a scavenger hunt and find 4 words that begin with the P sound.
Speech Therapy Summer

Initial P Scavenger Hunt
Speech Therapy Summer

Sticker Chart
Speech Therapy Summer

    The language section includes the following activities:
-WH Questions (who, what, when, where, why, & how)
-Multiple Meaning Words
-Copulas (is/are)
-Regular Verbs
-Irregular Verbs
-Compare & Contrast
-Fact or Opinion
-Attributes (describing)
The language bundle is divided weekly with each week containing 3 activities. This is to allow the activities to be quick and easy for the parents and allow them to pick the days that are best for them to implement the activities.

Speech Therapy Summer

     The Social Pragmatics section is setup similar to the Language section with being divided weekly with each week containing the following 3 activities:
-Problem Solving Scenarios

Speech Therapy Summer

      I'm excited to say that I'm not dreading creating my summer homework bundles this year! If you want to see more or purchase this product click here.

Speech Therapy Summer

     Do you provide speech therapy summer homework packets for your kiddos? What have you done in the past?

Happy last two months!

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