Sunday, October 19, 2014

Happy Almost Halloween!

      I know I already did another post about Halloween earlier this month, but I just couldn't help myself. My kiddos get SOOO into Halloween and all of the different costumes that I decided to do Halloween activities for 2 weeks this year instead of one. Most of the kiddos on my caseload are working on language or articulation skills. I decided I'd share some of my language ideas with you today. 

Here is a preview of my language activities:
Speech Therapy


Speech Therapy

Left: Category Cards
Right: Category Board

Speech Therapy

     Using the category cards Zack identified these 3 pictures (vampire, policeman, and king) and put them into the category of types of Halloween costumes. He also drew a picture of a costume to help identify the category he was using. I think he was going for the Hulk ;)

Regular Past Tense Verbs:
Speech Therapy

    Using the words from the word bank the student glued the correct regular past tense verbs on top of the incorrect past tense verbs.

Speech Therapy

     Looking at the pictures the student circled the superlative to match the picture above. First picture is smaller, then small, then smallest.

Compare & Contrast:
Speech Therapy
     As you can see this students hand writing is a little difficult to read so I will try to transcribe it for you. :) 

Left (contrast): no wrapper, corn, bite it, & eat fast
Middle (compare): candy, halloween, orange, & yellow
Right (contrast): suck on it, wrapper, stick, sticky, lasts long

I hope this gives you some ideas of Halloween activities!

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