Sunday, October 11, 2015

How to Categorize

      Hello there! I hope you are having a wonderful day! How to teach categorizing items into groups?! Okay first I needed multiple categories that varied in difficulty levels to fit for my varying levels of students on my caseload. Next I picked out 26 categories to focus on. I love making therapy that is both interactive and fun. My students love to cut and glue, color, and play games. This bundle has it all!  

     I decided that for each category I would pick out four different pictures to identify the categories.

 Category Cards
Category Cards
      Here is an example of the category cards. First I cut out the category cards. Then mix the cards together. You can use as many or as little cards for your students level of ability. For example you could put the four numbers and one shape out and have your student use them to fill in the page below or four numbers and two shapes and 2 fruits to make it more difficult.
Category Page
Category Page
      Have your student identify the category by looking at the category pictures. Then have them write the category on the category line. Next have them pick out the four category cards that are in the same category and glue them onto the spaces. 

Go Fish Category Cards
      My students love LOVE "Go Fish" and "Memory". These category cards are great just for that! There are two cards per the 26 categories. The picture above has transportation (airplane, bus), flowers (Lilly, Daisy), tools (hatchet, wrench). The students then match the two cards that come from the same category.

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