Sunday, October 4, 2015

Synonym & Antonym Falling Leaves

       My favorite FAVORITE season is Fall! This fall I'm hoping to create more fall therapy lesson plans to get my students excited. I have a couple of students this year on my caseload who are working on synonyms and antonyms and I wanted to make it fall themed. I thought what about leaves? During fall I love to look outside and see beautiful leaves all over the ground! 

Synonym Antonym
    Here it is! This bundle includes two games. Synonym and antonym matching game and synonym and antonym coloring game. Each game includes synonym and antonyms in 3 sets (easy set, medium set, and hard set).

Synonym Matching Game
Synonym Matching
    Here is an example of one of the easy sets. Cut out the leaves along the dotted lines cutting the leaves in half. Then play the matching game by turning the leaves cut in half over. Next have your students turn the cards over and match the synonyms. My students just love to play these type of matching games!

       Here is a one of the medium sets of antonyms. Cut out the leaves along the dotted lines cutting them in half. Then you can play the matching game. You can play with just one set (easy, medium, or hard) or you can play with all of the sets.

Synonym & Antonym Coloring Game
Synonym Antonym

      For this activity cut out the whole leaf along the out dotted lines, but don't cut it in half this time. You can cut all of the pages and then mix and match the leaves. Have the student first identify if the top half and the bottom half of the leaf are synonyms or antonyms. Then if the two words are synonyms have the student color the bottom half of the leaf the same color. If the two words are antonyms have the student color the bottom half of the leaf a different color than the top half.

      I hope my students love these games as much as I know I'm going to!

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Synonym Antonym

What are your favorite synonym and antonym activities?

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