Sunday, August 24, 2014

Pin to Win August Giveaway!

     It's that time again for another giveaway! Last month I gave away my Back to School Bundle and this month I will be giving away my School Supply Fun Language Bundle. I hope this language bundle will help prepare any speech path for the beginning of the year to work with their language students. This bundle has a variety of language activities. 

The bundle includes:
-Yes or No Questions
-WH Questions (Who, What, When, Where, Why, & How)
-Following Directions
-Compare & Contrast
-Articulation /r/ & /l/
-Vocabulary "Go Fish" Deck

Top Left: Synonym matching. Have the student cut out the synonym pencils and then place the matching synonyms into the synonym backpacks.

Top Right: Following Directions. Read the directions to the student and have them follow the directions using the student page.

Middle Left: Categories. Have the student cut out the category words. Then glue the words that make a category onto the category worksheet.

Middle Right: Compare & Contrast. Have the student fill in the Venn Diagram and compare/contrast the two words (e.g., pencil and paper).

Bottom Left: Superlatives. Have the student circle the correct word based on the pictures above (e.g., far, farther, farthest).

Bottom Right: Copulas. Have the student complete the sentence using copulas (is/are).

School Supply Fun!

How to win this giveaway you ask?

It's simple!
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3. Enter your email.

That's it! 

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The giveaway runs from Sunday August 24th at 3:00pm PT until Wednesday August 27th at midnight PT.

Good Luck!

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