Sunday, August 17, 2014

School Supply Fun

    Well it's official school is back into full swing now. How many of you went shopping to get new school supplies for yourself?! I know that I love just walking up and down the school supply aisles of Office Depot or Staples. I just can't help myself when some of their stuff is so stinking cute and when it comes in pink. :) I have a weakness for pink and green! 

     Do you want to make a few interactive activities to use those school supplies and for your students to practice their school supply vocabulary words.

Here is a fun Synonym & Antonym activity!

You will need small paper bags, scissors, and glue.

Steps to Make the Bags.

Step 1: First I cut some of the top of the paper bag off. It was just too tall for my students to reach into with their small arms. 
Step 2: Next the students cut out and glued the back of different colored backpacks.
Step 3: The students pushed the glued backpack picture onto the bag.
Step 4: The students opened their individual bags.

How to Play the Synonyms & Antonym Sorting Game.
     Place one synonym or antonym down in front of the first student. Have them identify the synonym or antonym depending on which deck you are using. This deck in the picture are synonyms. If the student names the correct synonym then hand them the match and they get to collect their matches into their bag. If they are incorrect you can prompt them or give the next student a try.

Far Left: Smart, Clever
Left Middle: Nice, Kind
Right Middle: Friend, Pal
Far Right: Noisy, Loud

Give the student different school supplies.

Category: Things you write with.
     The student identified the category and then drew a picture of the category. Next the student picked the 3 vocabulary pictures that you could write with and glued them to the 3 spaces provided.

Left to Right: Pencil, Crayon, Marker

Following Directions:
       My students always get a big kick out of playing the following directions game. I have the following directions page and then print out the student interactive page for them to use while they follow the directions I provide orally.

*If your students like to look at each others answers you might want to put something up between them like a folder so they can't see what the other person is doing.

Compare & Contrast:
     Pick two school supplies and have the student compare & contrast them. Use a Venn Diagram to help the student organize their ideas.

     Place two school supply items at different distances and have the student choose (far, farther, or farthest).

Copulas (Is/Are):
     Have the student look at a picture of someone and explain what the person or people are doing in the picture using is or are copulas to complete the sentences.

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