Sunday, August 31, 2014

1st Graders + Common Core = Good Times!

       Oh boy! Who is getting excited for the school to start again?! I'm sure my little 1st graders will be so excited! As a kid I can remember getting so excited to go shopping for all of my school supplies. I would get the girly pink folders and barbie backpack to match! Don't worry I'm not going to go get another barbie backpack at my age, but I did make a run to Staples and bought a new green and pink calendar to help keep track of all of my meetings! I may be just as excited though! :) 

        So my little 1st graders and I are planning to get Common Core aligned! (they probably don't know that yet). ;) I decided to dig into the Common Core standards and pick out the standards that I felt best aligned with what I already do as a speech therapist. Once I identified those standards for my 1st graders I created a lesson plan per each standard that I had selected. 

Here is a preview!

Top Left: Reading Literature RL.1.1
Top Right: Reading Informational Text RI.1.3
Middle Left: Reading Foundational Skills RF.1.2c
Middle Right: Speaking and Listening SL.1.4
Bottom: Language L.1.1g

Reading Informational Text: RI.1.3
Have the student read the story above. Then have the student write down the characters, setting, and events that happened in the story.

Reading Foundational Skills RF.1.2c
Have the student sound out the word and identify the initial, medial, and final sounds in the word.

Speaking and Listening SL.1.4
Have the student describe the people, things, and places on the left.

Language L.1.1g
Have the student fill in the blanks using one of the frequently occurring conjunctions in the word bank above.

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