Sunday, November 2, 2014

Gobble Gobble

      It's officially November so just like all of the department stores I'm going to start getting ready for the next holiday now that Halloween is over. :) Expect if I was a department store I'd probably would have already started to advertise for Thanksgiving well before Halloween was even over! I love doing thematic themes for speech therapy. The kids seem to really enjoy it as well when their speech time is tied into the holiday for that month.  Here a few ideas to get you started in the holiday spirit.

Here a little preview!

Problem Solving:
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To help my students who have autism and struggle to solve problems I created a problem solving board game. The students roll the dice and when they land on a circle they help to solve that problem. The goal is to get the children to the Thanksgiving dinner by solving the problems along the way. For example, one question reads "You want to join a conversation. What can you do or say?"

Regular Past Tense Verbs:
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For this activity the student cuts out the words in the word bank and glues them down replacing the incorrect regular past tense verb with the correct regular past tense verb.

Speech Therapy
The student cuts out the word bank of synonyms and glues them next to the correct synonym match.

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Here are 6 medial /r/ Thanksgiving words. I normally make two sets of all the /r/ words (initial, medial, & final sets) and then play "Go Fish" or "Memory" which the kids love! I've also found this articulation cards to be a great vocabulary set of Thanksgiving words for the kids who don't need to work on their arctic.

I hope you found some ideas that you'd like to do with your kiddos this Thanksgiving!

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