Sunday, November 30, 2014

Dear Santa Claus

       Okay Thanksgiving is officially over and the Christmas decorations are starting to come out of their boxes!! Christmas is probably my favorite holiday with Thanksgiving coming in second place. I just love this time of year filled with friends and family! 

      The month of December at school always goes by so fast since we only have kiddos for the first 3 weeks and then comes winter break.  I know my kiddos get really excited and sometimes check out mentally from school the closer it gets to the holiday break time. I'm sure you do much better at keeping your kiddos engaged. ;)

      Here are some ideas I have to keep my kiddos engaged during the Christmas season. :)

Top Left: Who questions
Top Right: Irregular Past Tense Verbs
Middle Left: Antonyms
Middle Right: Compare & Contrast
Center Bottom: Articulation R Medial Words

For this activity I ask the students verbally wh-questions. This page is 'who' questions.
For Example: 
Who brings children gifts? ANSWER: Santa Claus
Who builds Christmas toys? ANSWER: Elves
Who flies Santa Claus around? ANSWER: Reindeer
Who does Santa Claus bring presents to? ANSWER: Children
Who takes care of Santa Claus? ANSWER: Mrs. Claus
Who knocks on people's door and sings Christmas carols? ANSWER: Carolers

          Students are directed to read the words in the word bank and cut them out. Next the student matches the antonyms and glues the word bank words next to their match.

Antonyms Completed:
Here is the completed antonym activity. The student cut out and glued the word bank words next to their antonym matches.
For Example:

Compare & Contrast:
The student pulls a card and compares and contrast the two pictures.

Irregular Past Tense Verbs:
This student cut out the irregular past tense verb word bank and glued those words on top of the incorrect irregular past tense verb.
For Example:
Bryan bring (brought) his family to Christmas dinner.
Hannah buy (bought) her mom a gift.
Colby write (wrote) Santa a letter.
Jackie make (made) her mom a gift.
Jake drink (drank) hot coco. 

Articulation R Medial Words:
Use the articulation Christmas cards to play "Go Fish" or "Memory". This bundle includes: /r/, /l/, /s/, /z/, /sh/, /ch/, & /th/ words in all positions.

Christmas Bundle:
 If you'd like to see more or purchase this bundle click here!

Language, Articulation, & Social Pragmatics!

I hope you enjoy this bundle!

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