Sunday, December 7, 2014

Stuff Your Stockings :)

        It's official December is here! The Christmas tree is up, the decorations are out, and the lights are on! I just LOVE this time of year. :) I'm excited to put on my sweats, curl up next to the fire, sip a warm cup of coffee, and watch the Christmas movie The Holiday. I'm a sucker for a great Christmas chick flick. :) 

        My kiddos are sure excited for the Christmas season and break. This year a large number of my kiddos are language students. I created a Christmas Language bundle to keep my kiddos entertained during the holiday season.

Here is a sneak peak.

Top Left: Category Cards
Top Center: Category
Top Right: Compare & Contrast
Middle Left: Superlatives
Middle Right: L Articulation Words
Bottom Center: Copulas 

    Have the student look at the pictures and identify 4 different categories.
Categories: Santa Claus Food, Christmas People, Wrapping Materials, Christmas Decorations

Category Example:
    This student has cut out the food for Santa Claus (cookie, milk, carrots) and glued the 3 pictures on the boxes provided. Then the student wrote the category on the line and drew a picture of the category.

Compare & Contrast:
     This student has compared and contrasted a cookie and glass of milk.
Contrast (cookie): dessert, brown, candy, plate
Contrast (milk): drink, white, cow, cup
Compare (cookie & milk): food for santa, eat them together

     For this activity the student looked at the pictures and identify which reindeer was tall, taller, and tallest.

Articulation L Words:
       Here are 6 articulation words that have an /l/ sound within the word (list, sleigh, elf, milk, santa claus, & owl). I printed two copies of these words and played a matching game with my student giving them multiple exposures to say the words. The matching game is played by mixing all of the words and turning them face down. Then the student turns two words over and says both of them. If the two words are a match they get to keep the cards, but if they are not a match they have to turn them over and try again.

       To complete this activity the student read the sentence aloud and wrote the correct copula (is/are) to complete the sentence.

Christmas Language Bundle:
If you'd like to see more, check out the preview, or purchase this product CLICK HERE!

Christmas Language Bundle

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