Sunday, December 21, 2014

Only for a Speechie

      Do you ever think of something really funny about speech therapy and say the joke out loud and people just look at you? Okay maybe that doesn't happen to you, but it does to me. ;) This year is my first year being the only SLP at one school full-time. I'm normally split between at least 2 or more schools. I miss the opportunities of talking with other SLPs.  They are the people who truly understand my excitements and my frustrations that come with being an SLP in a school district. 

     So I thought I would share a couple E-cards with speech therapy jokes that my fellow speech paths might get a little chuckle out of! ;) I really enjoy reading E-cards on Pinterest I hope you enjoy these.

Here's one for all of your articulation /r/ students.

      My students with ASD often don't enjoy winter break especially because their routine will be changed and probably include unscheduled changes as well.

      I get this question all of the time! The conversation starts out with someone asking me what I do for work. Then once I tell them they look at me blankly and I have to explain what it is that a Speech-Language Pathologist actually does with their day. :)

        Haha I say this one all the time when something goes down the wrong pipe and my friend or family member begins the reflexive cough. They never to seem to find it as funny as I do when I instruct them to flip over their epiglottis next time and it won't go down the wrong pipe. :) 

      I hope you have enjoyed a little chuckle with these E-cards! Have a great holiday season with your family and friends.


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