Monday, December 29, 2014

Getting Organized This 2015!

Speech Therapy
        Happy almost new years! Can you believe it?! It's another year later. As I get ready for the new year I realize that I need a new planner for the 2015 year. I don't know about you, but I love being organized. I feel like I accomplish more if I have a goal and then backwards plan to achieve those goals. With the excitement of getting a new planner I began my search on Pinterest to see what cute ideas I could find. 
 I kept clicking on links that led me to people's blogs that had organized multiple different types of planners that covered all areas of life. It got me thinking that there really isn't one perfect idea out there for a speech therapist that fits into our daily life. I figured I would have to find multiple good ideas and combine them to make one great planner. After an hour of being disappointed in not being able to find exactly what I was looking for in a planner I made the plunge and decided to create my own planner. 

       I thought about all of the things that would help me in my daily speech therapy life. First of all, I wanted it to be cute! I mean this is something I'm going to look at everyday! I decided to go with pink and blue as my main colors. I made two different cover pages one in pink and one in blue so I could mix and match as I feel. :)

Pink Cover Page
Speech Therapy
Here is a picture of the pink cover. Planner 2015-2016

Blue Cover Page
Speech Therapy
Here is a picture of the blue cover. SLP Planner 2015-2016

       I also made cover pages for each month that I could later attach tabs to so that I could easily find each month. Keeping with the pink and blue theme I made one of each color for each month. :)

January Pink Cover
Speech Therapy

January Blue Cover
Speech Therapy

     Aren't they cute?! It's making me excited to get back to work after the new year and start using it! 

      Inside the planner I created a blank calendar page per month to get a big picture of my month. I like to keep track of my meeting dates on this page. I also included a quote on each monthly calendar page.

January Calendar
Speech Therapy

Here is what I have so far for January!
Speech Therapy

      Next I created a paperwork page for each month. I made four charts on this page. One for IEPs, one for Re-Evaluations, one for Initial Evaluations, and one for Screenings. I wanted a page to look at my paperwork for the month and to be able to order them based on their IEP due date or meeting date.

January Paperwork
Speech Therapy

      Here is my paperwork that is scheduled so far for the month of January. Don't worry I have more to be scheduled! :)

      Next I wanted a page to keep track of my bigger projects that don't have to get done right away, but that I would like to accomplish for the month. I have included a to do long term planning page per month. There is space to plan for 3 projects per month with a deadline of when to have the projected completed by.

January To Do Planning Project
Speech Therapy

     Here is what I have planned for January. I decided it is time to clean up my student files. I plan to move the must have papers to the front, make new filing labels, and shred unwanted papers. I put January 30th as my deadline. I'm hoping since it is written down I will accomplish this not so exciting task. :)

Speech Therapy

     Next I made a Weekly Therapy Planning page. I always spend so much time planning my therapy that I thought if I could plan out my therapy for the month I could stay more organized. I included a space to write a theme, identify books that I want to use, write what I need to make, identify what I need to buy, write down the materials I will need, what needs to be printed, what needs to be copied, and what needs to be laminated for the week. I also added an "other" section for anything else I think of along the way. I love checking things off so I added a Ready Star at the bottom to color in when I have everything ready to go for the week.

Weekly Therapy Planning
Speech Therapy

Here it is! I'm all ready to go and start therapy for the second week of January therapy!
Speech Therapy

     Lastly, I created a Weekly To Do List. I use this page to jot down what I need to accomplish for the week. I normally write down things to do before the due date in case I have to push something back a day or two.

January Weekly To Do

     Here is my second week of January to dos already filled out!
Speech Therapy

I hope you have enjoyed my new creation to stay organized in the year 2015!

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Happy New Years! Wishing you a happy and healthy 2015!


  1. How did you bind the pages? Did you bring it somewhere or do you have access to this kind of binding at work? Thanks!!

    1. Hi! Yes, I have access to a small hand held binding machine at work that I used to bind this together. In the past I have had other things bond at Staples though. I hope this helps!