Sunday, November 9, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Speech Therapy      Are you ready for pumpkin pie? Or apple pie? Oh or ham and turkey? Sorry if I made you hungry :) I think Thanksgiving might just be my second favorite holiday after Christmas! 

      Here are a few fun Thanksgiving activities that I do with my language kiddos. 

Speech Therapy
Students can use the word bank (he, she, they) to fill in the blank sentence frames. 

Speech Therapy
Top Left: Category Cards: The student cuts out the category words and divides them up into 4 different categories.
Bottom Right: The student writes the name of the category on the line. Have the student draw a picture that represents the category. Then the student glues the 3 category cards on the spaces at the bottom of the page.

Category Example:
Speech Therapy
The student found one of the categories to be a dessert category. The student drew a picture of a cookie under category 1. Then the student glued the 3 dessert category words (pumpkin pie, cookies, and cake) in the spaces provided.

Speech Therapy
Have the student circle the correct superlatives to match the picture.

Irregular Past Tense Verbs:
Speech Therapy
Using the word bank above the student cut out the correct irregular past tense verbs and glued them on top of the incorrect verbs.

Thanksgiving Language Bundle:
Speech Therapy
Top Left: Pronouns
Top Right: Categories
Middle Left: Irregular Past Tense Verbs
Middle Right: Category Cards
Bottom Center: Superlatives


If you want to see more or purchase this bundle click here!

Speech Therapy


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