Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Day of Love

     It's almost here the day of love. My boyfriend makes fun of me for being too girly sometimes and I always tell him that I just LOVE LOVE. I am the girl that can watch 4 romantic movies in a day. :) Do you love Valentine's Day? I'm hoping another cute romantic comedy will come out in theaters this Valentine's Day! 

      My kiddos are getting very excited for Valentine's Day and making their Valentine's Day cards for their classmates.

     I created a fun Valentine's Day bundle for all of my kiddos on my caseload. The bundle includes activities for my language, my artic, and my social language kiddos.

     Here are some of my ideas for therapy during Valentine's week!

Speech Therapy
Top Left: Synonyms
Top Right: Following Directions
Bottom Right: Following Directions for the kiddo
Bottom Left: Articulation Initial R Cards

Speech Therapy
     Have the student cut out the word bank of synonyms and glue the purple heart next to the red heart that is their synonym.

Speech Therapy
    Here is what my student did! She matched all of the synonym heart matches. 

Following Directions
Speech Therapy
Top Left: Directions Page
Top Right: Page for Student to Follow Directions
     This student colored the heart red, drew a yellow star in the top left corner, and drew a green balloon in the bottom right corner.

Inside Page of Following Directions
Speech Therapy
     This student followed the directions and wrote Dear Friend, Taylor Happy Valentine's Day! From Your Friend Hannah. :)

Initial R Articulation Cards
Speech Therapy
      I normally print two copies of these cards and play Go Fish or Memory. I also often print a third copy and send that copy home for my students to do home practice with. This way I know the kiddo can say this 6 words accurately before sending home homework.

Valentine's Day:
Language, Articulation, & Social Pragmatics
Speech Therapy

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