Sunday, April 19, 2015

Spring Time Fun!

    I still can't believe it's already spring! It's also hard to believe because the weather has been so amazingly beautiful you almost get the feeling that it's already summer. This is always the hardest time of year because I feel like summer is so close yet so far when I think about everything I still have left to do! With no breaks in the near future I know my kiddos are going to start to get antsy so I'm going to try to keep them busy and interacting. 

     Here is my therapy plans for the next week after I use my Earth Day week bundle. (See the post before about Earth Day).

Spring Language Bundle
Speech Therapy

    I made this bundle for all of my language kiddos. I wanted one easy bundle to grab and go for all of them.
This bundle includes:
-Yes/No Questions
-Following Directions
-Regular Past Tense Verbs
-Irregular Past Tense Verbs
-Compare & Contrast
-Articulation /r/ &/l/

Irregular Past Tense Verbs
     For this activity I have the students read the verbs in the word bank and then cut them out. Next they read each sentence and glue the correct irregular verb onto of the incorrect verb. My students enjoy the cutting and gluing interactive piece of this activity.

Speech Therapy
    I really enjoy teaching superlatives I think they are fun! :) Nerd, I know. For this activity I allow the students to pick out a crayon and circle the correct superlative to accurately describe the 3 pictures.

Vocabulary Words
Speech Therapy
      Here is one of the Mother's Day vocabulary pages. I normally will print two copies of each of the pages and play "Go Fish" or "Memory with the cards.  Also this activity works on different articulation sounds.

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