Sunday, September 20, 2015

Articulation Game

      I spend so much of my day doing articulation therapy that I am always trying to come up with new and different games so that I don't have to play "Go Fish" over and over again! I know it sounds awesome that I get to spend my day playing "Go Fish", but it gets old very quickly when you do it multiple times a day. :D 

     To spice things up in the articulation world I created an Apples to Apples version to work on the R sound. 

144 Red Cards
       There are 48 initial Red Cards, 48 medial Red Cards, and 48 final Red Cards. 

30 Green Cards
     There are also 30 adjective Green Cards.

How to Play
    Each play starts with 5 Red Cards. Then one student is the judge and pulls a green card and places it face up for everyone else to see. Next each student selects a red card that best fits the green card and places their selection face down on the table. The student who is the judge then reads the selections aloud and picks their favorite red card. The player who put that red card down then gets to keep the green card. All players then draw a new red card to replace the card from the previous round. The person to judge is then passed on to the next person on the left. The object of the game is to be the first person to collect 4 green cards


      Here is an example. One student the "judge" picked the green card STRONG. Then all of the other students up their red cards into a pile face down. The "judge" then picked the red card RAIN BOOTS, because he thinks they are strong and durable. The student who placed the red card RAIN BOOTS now gets to keep the green card STRONG. That student is now 3 green cards away from winning the game! 

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