Wednesday, September 9, 2015

How to Keep a Student's Attention

        Most of my therapy sessions are about 30 minutes and for some of my kiddos that 30 minutes can feel much much longer! Last year I implemented using sticker charts. At the beginning of the year I have my students pick out a sticker chart. We discuss what it takes to get to pick out a sticker and add it to their sticker chart at the end of the session. You can individualize the rules per group, based on school 

rules, or behaviors you would like your students to focus on during therapy sessions. I normally try to pick 3 or 4 rules and ask each student to self evaluate. For example, Did you have a quiet mouth? Did you have safe hands and feet? Did you follow directions? If the student can answer yes to the above questions I allow them to add a sticker to their sticker chart.

      Last year I just used some sticker charts that I printed off from online that were in black and white. This year I decided I would make my own and make them super cute! I enjoy making things look cute because it makes me feel good! :) I think it might be the whole idea if you look good then you feel good. I feel like as long as I look like a great speech therapist then I might just being doing an okay job! :D 

Sticker Charts
     I created 10 different sticker reward charts for my students to choose from. There are 5 charts with boys and 5 charts with girls. I figured I would just print off a few copies of each and let me students pick which sticker chart they would like to have. If we have time I will probably have them write their name and maybe color around the edges to personalize it a little.

Elsa's Sticker Chart
Sticker Chart
      Here is one of my student's Elsa's sticker chart. She already has 5 stickers! She is doing a great job of following our speech rules!

Jackson's Sticker Chart
Sticker Chart
       Here is another student Jackson. He likes to use the stickers with fun phrases on them.

Tina's Sticker Chart
       Here is another example. After my students fill up half of the sticker chart which is about 24 stickers I let them pick a prize from my prize box. This helps to keep them motivated to keep working hard to get a sticker after each session.
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Sticker Chart
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Do you use sticker reward charts at your school?

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