Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Keeping Students Engaged in the Lesson

    Sometimes I forget what it was like to be a kid and how easily some things could entertain me. Last year I had a student who really struggled to stay with me when it was someone else's turn in the group to provide the answer to the question. I handed him a mini-white board and told him a number after each time it was his turn. He then spent the next student's turn trying to add or subtract two numbers on his white board. 
 When it was his turn again he shared his answer with the group. My other students got into the game as well and wanted their own mini-white boards and so the crazy calculations game began!

reinforcement game

reinforcement game
      First cut out and laminate the crazy calculations cards.

reinforcement game
      Here is an example page.

reinforcement game
    I made these 6 cards to add a little fun and diversity! You might want to review the meaning of these cards before beginning the game.

                                   Mini-White Board
reinforcement game
      Give each student a mini-white board to add or subtract their two numbers. You can have every student pick a card to start "Card 1". Then after they complete your therapy task they get to pick another card "Card 2". They then add or subtract the two numbers on their mini-white board while the next student is completing their therapy task. Then when it is their turn again they share out their new "Card 1" number and complete their therapy task. Next they pick a new "Card 2" and add or subtract that number from their new number "Card 1". If you do not have mini-white boards scratch paper works just as well.

      This reinforcement game works great because I can work on any therapy task for that day and I can even have different students work on different therapy goals.

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reinforcement game
     What is your favorite reinforcement game?

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