Saturday, August 8, 2015

Back to School Giveaway!

     It's almost here! Back to school shopping has already started. I've found an amazing white blazer at Banana for 50% off! I was so excited I just had to buy it! I'm a big sucker for a great sale though. :) But you know what's even better than a sale...FREE! Yes, I'm giving away my back to school Articulation Baseline bundle away for FREE to someone who "likes" my facebook page and pins one of my pins onto their pinterest pages. 

Pint to Win!
Articulation Baseline
1. "Like" my Facebook page.
2. Play Pin to Win on my Facebook page.

Pin to Win!

Articulation Baseline
      Begins: Monday August 10th at 3:00pm Pacific Time
     Ends: Wednesday August 12th at Midnight Pacific Time

Articulation Baseline
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    Articulation Baseline Bundle
Articulation Baseline
    When it comes time to start collecting articulation baseline data at the beginning of the year I'm always running around my office looking for the right artic cards. Then once I collect data at the word level I need data at the sentence, reading, and conversations level. It always is a little chaotic! This year I made a bundle so I could just grab and start collecting data. Here is a simple and easy way to collect baseline data information about your students articulation skills. This bundle has all the sounds in initial, medial, and final positions at the word, sentence, reading, and conversation levels.

Here is an example page Initial B
Articulation Baseline
-10 initial words, 10 medial words, 10 final words
-10 initial sentences, 10 medial sentences, 10 final sentences
-10 initial reading, 10 medial reading, 10 final reading
-10 initial conversation, 10 medial conversation, 10 final conversation

Medial T
Articulation Baseline

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