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Reinforcement Games for Therapy

    The majority of my speech kiddos I see for 30 minute therapy sessions. That is about the longest I can hold their attention for and on most days even that can be difficult. I needed something that would help me keep their attention and at the same time keep them working on their therapy goals for the whole 30 minutes. 

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    I didn't want the kids to get bored of the reinforcement games! So I created 3 different activities for the beginning of the school year. Within each activity or game there are 10 boards to choose from.

Reinforcement Board 
   For this activity cut out the cards on the top row and the card strip at the bottom. Laminate the cards and the card strip and add Velcro to both. Use the cards as a reinforcement tool by giving the student a card every 3 or 5 minutes to put on the card strip. The goal is to collect all 5 cards by the end of the therapy session. This game works really well because the student doesn't know when they will get a card. Also if I have a student who is off task I will give a card to another student who is showing the positive behavior and praise them by giving them a card to add to their card strip making the student who is off task to copy that students behavior. :) There are 10 of these reinforcement boards. You can give each student the same board or give each student a different board.

Reinforcement Board Game
Speech Therapy
       It can't be called reinforcement games without including board games! Growing up I loved playing board games. Okay so maybe we didn't have a computer or iPad back then to entertain us! ;) I created 10 different board games for the beginning of the school year. I use this by having the student do a little therapy task like answer a wh-question and then they get to roll the dice. Then as we go around the board game the student completes their therapy task with a reward after each time they complete the task. If it starts to go too fast I will set a number of things they have to complete before they can roll. For example, you have to answer 3 wh-questions before you can roll the dice. 

Reinforcement Dots
Speech Therapy
    My students really enjoy the dot game as well. There are 10 different dot games. First I laminate the board otherwise it won't last long. :) For this game you can fill in the dots in multiple ways. You can color in the dots with dry erase makers, draw smily faces, put stickers (if not laminated of course), put chips down, or if you have a Chipper Chat from Super Duper you can use the chips and magnetic wand from that game. 

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