Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Student File Organization System

     Hello! How is Back to School going for you? This year is my 3rd year at the same school, which I'm SO grateful for being able to stay with the same kiddos and watch them grow. As I'm sure you know the first year in a school can be a little crazy as you're starting to learn about each kiddo. This didn't leave me much "extra" time to organize my student files. 
 The person who had the school before me saved everything so my student files are huge and I decided this year to start off fresh and clean! In order to do that I needed to create a system to organize all of the papers in my files. 

     I figured while I was making them that I would spend the time to make them super cute and make different designs so that I could change it up when I wanted something different or just got bored of a design.

Speech Therapy
    I'm super excited to get started! HAHA I would never actually say that, but I think having a super cute design will help motivate me to complete this task of organizing all of my student files this year. ;)

Pretty in Pink
Speech Therapy
   This design I decided to call my Pretty in Pink style!

Dots in Teal
Speech Therapy
    Here is my dots in teal version!

Half & Half
Speech Therapy
Speech Therapy
    This design I call Half & Half because I made every other page like these two pages. 

    To get started organizing I included the following organization forms to divide everything in a much more organized fashion.

-Current IEP: year            
-Past IEP's: years                  
-Meeting Minutes
-Prior Written Notice
-Consent for Testing
-Parent Communication
-Teacher Communication
-BLANK (Write your Own)

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   What do you think? Do you have a favorite design? 

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