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Homework Fun with Speech Therapy

      Are you getting ready to for when your students get back to school? Okay it might be a little early for some speech paths out there, but I'm feeling rested and excited to get started! Last year was the first year I sent home a weekly homework assignment for each one of my kiddos. I received great feedback from parents so I decided I'd do it again this year!  I wanted to make sure the homework was short, simple, and easy to implement for the busy parent. I needed something that I could just pull from and not have to organize each week. 

Homework Bundle
Speech Therapy

     I created 3 different weekly bundles one focusing on language skills, another on articulation skills, and the other on social pragmatic skills. I can easy mix and match for each student making the homework individualized to meet my students needs. 

Speech Therapy
       Here is an example of what a language weekly homework assignment looks like. Each week the student is asked to complete 3 tasks that are short, simple, and easy to complete. If the student get the parent/guardian to sign their homework sheet and return it the following week they get to put a sticker on their homework sheet! The language bundle includes: wh-questions (who, what, when, where, why, & how), prepositions, pronouns, synonyms, antonyms, categories, is/are copulas, multiple meaning words, attributes, regular past tense verbs, irregular past tense verbs, fact or opinion, and compare & contrast.

Articulation Bundle
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      The articulation weekly bundle includes a box at the top to check which level the student is working on. You can choice between the word level, sentence level, or conversation level. In addition, you could check more than one box for additional practice. The word level and sentence level include initial, medial, and final word positions. This bundle includes the following sounds /p, b, f, v, t, d, k, g, r, l, s, z, sh, ch, & th. If the student is working on multiple sounds you can mix and match sounds as needed and mark the boxes to reflect the level the student is working on for each sound.      

Social Pragmatics Bundle
Speech Therapy
       Social pragmatics is always the most difficult for me to gather homework for so I love this part of the bundle that I can send home and is quick and easy to use. It also took me the most time to create. :) Each week includes an idiom, a problem solving scenario, and a conversation activity. As the months progress the conversation section becomes more difficult and builds upon itself having the student use earlier learned skills.

Each of the 3 bundles are also sold separately if you just need one homework bundle and not all 3. 

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