Friday, August 14, 2015

Common Core Goal Bank!

      Hello my follow speech paths! How many of you waste time having to look up the common core standards in order to write your long term goals and short term objectives?! That was definitely me constantly looking up the common core standards and then going through them to try and find a goal that would match what a speech path might actually work on.  I decided to take the time to save me time down the road. I have complied the common core standards that focus on speech therapy goals and organized them by area (Reading Literature, Reading Informational Text, Reading Fundamental Skills, Writing, Speaking & Listening, & Language), and by grade level. In addition, I added a goal that I could pull from and adapt as needed.

Common Core Goal Bank K-5th Grades
Speech Therapy

Reading Information Text
Speech Therapy
    Here is an example of a Kindergarten page for the Reading Informational Text. Here are the goals that focus on what a speech path works on a daily basis. The page includes the standard number, the full standard, along with a therapy goal which can be adapted if needed to individualize for your student.

Reading Literature
Speech Therapy
     Here is an example of a 5th grade page. This page looks at the standards from the Reading Literature and picks out the goals that focus on speech therapy goals. 

Common Core Goal Bank
Speech Therapy

Looking for a goal bank for grades 6th-12th? Not a problem just click here!

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